I live in Bristol and am based at BV Studios, Bedminster. Since a return to a full-time art practice in 2012, (MA Fine Art, Dist., Uni of Brighton), I have participated in exhibitions, collaborations and residencies in London, Sussex, the South West and South Wales.

My practice has an interdisciplinary approach with a strong focus on the intersection of painting with sculpture and installation.

I began my current project, ‘what it is to be there’ at the start of the pandemic, with a period of research funded by the Brigstow Institute (at the University of Bristol).  This enabled me to build my knowledge and ideas with academics, interested in grief, creativity and place, whilst exploring personal experiences and memories through my arts practice.  Further funding from Arts Council England in June this year has enabled me to collaborate with other artists and practices and to build a body of work.  Please see the project page for more details.

I’m actively engaged in creating opportunities for artists to work together in Bristol. In 2016  I launched The Unit, a temporary gallery project in a disused shop unit, and in 2019 set up The Garage, a permanent residency space for collaboration, workshops and experimentation.