I live and work in Bristol and am based at BV Studios, Bedminster. Since a return to a full-time art practice in 2012, (MA Fine Art, Dist., Uni of Brighton), I have participated in exhibitions, collaborations and residencies in London, Brighton and Bristol, and this year will be exhibiting at Durden & Ray, Los Angeles.
My practice incorporates sculpture, casting, video, photography, and drawing, with a focus on the intersection of painting with sculpture and installation.
Currently I am developing a project with researchers interested in the exploration of place, grief and creativity (funded by the Brigstow Institute, University of Bristol) and am a recipient of the DYCP, Arts Council England fund.
Alongside my practice I’m actively engaged in creating opportunities for artists to work together in Bristol. In 2016 I launched The Unit, a temporary gallery project in a disused shop unit, and in 2019 set up The Garage, a permanent residency space for collaboration, workshops and experimentation.