I spent my childhood in Bridgend, South Wales and now live and work in Bristol. Following a career in design and a lot of life experience, I returned to full time study and did my MA (Fine Art) at the University of Brighton in 2012. I am currently participating in the Turps Banana Correspondence Course (2018-2019), a studio holder at BV Studios, Bristol, a network member of the RWA Bristol,  founder member of TAPS an artist-led organisation formed in 2017, and Baby Forest, Ireland.

In September 2019 I set up The Garage – a space in Clifton, Bristol for artists to experiment, test ideas, have conversations.

In search of a language

Directed by my biographical experiences, I’m interested in the possibility of describing things I’m barely conscious of –  vague instincts, feelings and sensations that hover somewhere on the border of consciousness.

Although I want the freedom to choose any means and method of expression, painting seems to hold the most possibility and unpredictability.  It’s an exciting, temporal event where random acts meet planned decisions – a deliberate accident if you like.   All this, contained in something certain, rigid and recognisable – the structure, the surface, the borders and the materials – that beg to be challenged and taken apart.

Parallel to my practice is a research into theories, ideas and questions that emerge with an exploration of the personal.  At what point does the private become public?  When does the past become part of the present?  Moving between figuration and abstraction, space and flatness, the conscious and unconscious mark, when is there some order within the chaos?  It seems to me that its at the tipping points, like the very top of a breath, that something has a chance to emerge.