I was brought up in South Wales and am now based in Bristol.

For the past two years, I have been using practice-led research, documentation and an embodied, multidisciplinary practice to explore my adolescent experiences, growing up in a mining valley in South Wales, and the liminal space I occupy today as a mother without children.

Fundamentally collaborative, my work attends to a merging of process, material and site. This has led to a forensic and spiritual connection with the earth and a bodily engagement with matter that has enabled me to explore grief and maternal narratives.

Working with materials and site-specificity, the work also addresses the industrialisation and colonisation of the mining valleys and the impact on individual, community and land.  I am currently using stone from local burial cairns to consider the power of ritual and story-telling, human and non-human.

I’m actively engaged in creating opportunities for artists to work together in Bristol. In 2016 I launched The Unit, a temporary gallery project within the St James Arcade, Bristol.  Realising that this is an important part of my practice, I set up The Garage (2019), exchanging that for The Launderette in 2023 –  a permanent residency and project space based in inner city Stokes Croft, Bristol.