what it is to be there

a site-specific exploration of grief, shame & place


‘There’ is an area of ground in the Garw Valley, South Wales, next to a coal mine and school, neither of which exist today.

Collaborating with already meaningful materials taken from a rectangle of soil, I have found an affinity with their propensity to ooze, break apart and misbehave. This merging  with the earth and the resulting documentation – traces, objects, installations and filmed performances –  has given me a bodily understanding of disenfranchised grief and raised new questions about my identity today as a mother without children.

This project has been supported using public funding by Arts Council England.  Support from Brigstow Institute. enabled me to work with researchers and produce a public facing document What it is to be There.  The work was brought together in April 2023 during a residency at The Factory in Porth.